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Find your purpose

“What's my purpose?” It's a question that most of the time needs a lot of's an introspective journey where you find out what you love, what comes easily to you, the change you want to see in the world if anything was possible and finally you work out how to monetise that… at the intersection of all these it's your purpose. The Japanese call it Ikigai.

The toughest part is to let go of all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your purpose like: "that is not something I can start at this age", "if nobody managed to do it before then who am I to think I can do it?", "too many people are doing this already", "only a few people can have a job that they truly enjoy"...however a good coach can help you overcome all that, so that you can discern fear from reality and find the best way to move forward.

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