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"Erika is a coach par excellence. I met her at a time when I was grappling with some dilemmas in my personal and professional life. She masterfully helped me navigate those and arrive at crucial decisions which would have otherwise remained pending. Her calm and composed persona, coupled with her knowledge of the corporate world, is invaluable. I highly recommend her as a life and business coach."

Padmini Rathore, CEO - DSK Legal

Erika is warm, approachable, easy to open up to and I’ve enjoyed our conversations which have helped me put things into perspective. Erika instinctively takes things at the right pace, knowing when to delve deeper, and when to take things at a slower rate and support; understanding what I was ready for and what needed more time.  She has helped me process some ideas, reflecting back things I knew, but hadn’t really given much attention to. Erika is skilled at asking the right questions to instantly cut through the fog, explore the underlying issues to find clarity; she has helped me to explore what is important, what my excuses are, and I can now see the green shoots of future opportunities.   
I’ve learnt a lot about myself through this process; it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged my thinking - but never uncomfortably so, and at the end of every session I found myself curious about what else I was going to find out next time. 
Erika is empathetic, compassionate and supportive.  She is empowering, and insightful, and I would highly recommend.

Rose B., Guidance Manager

I loved the coaching session with Erika. I wasn’t sure if I needed coaching, because I thought I already know what I want. But It turned out, it was exactly the push I needed. 
I was in between life choices and I also had a lot of business ideas. Erika helped me to get clearly in my thoughts. She helped me in taking actions. I always left the session with more motivation. Erika was able to ask the right questions to dive even deeper in my thoughts and also my doubts, to understand where there were coming from.
The biggest help for me was to grow in my confident, in myself and in my business. It helped me to be more professional as well. 
I would totally recommend Erika as a coach. Even thought you might think you don’t need it, but everyone needs it. And she is the best! I’m super happy I did it and it helped me so much.

Charlotte H., Photographer

Erika had played that magic and powerful role of taking me under her wing in one of the lowest moments of my life, patiently hold my hand and show me the way out. 
With wise and empathic guidance, with discretion and deep acceptance of the other, she made me trust her, so we could face together my insecurities, my fears, the blockers and obstacles to my life objectives. 
She allowed me to me see the wrong and irrational patterns my brain had been doing for years and twist them, creating healthy associations and positive train of thoughts. What was often before a vicious cycle of low self-esteem, harsh self-criticism, and negative feelings was all blown away and replaced by renewed, rational and solid positivity and self-love. 
And, as she liked to remind me many times, she just guided me through, whilst I achieved this all by myself. And there is really nothing that can make you feel more powerful than being the one changing yourself for the better.

Elena G., Digital Advertising Expert

Erika is a very Passionate Coach. A genuine human being with sincere desire to support females to be better and to do better. If you are looking for a Coach to partner with you, believe in your capabilities and support you towards a transformation journey to your inner self and the many possibilities you might have, Coach Erika is your go to Coach. Thanks Erika for the safe journey i have with you.

Shaza A., Sr. Marketing Manager

Meeting Erika and working with her throughout these past few months, has been empowering to my self-confidence and emotionally. 

Giving the global pandemic and its challenges I’ve been facing and dealing with many personal issues that I tried to ignore for way too long.

Erika has helped me face them, as well as given me the tools I need to understand and work on my strengths and goals within my life.

It is still an ongoing process that I very much look forward to working on with Erika guiding me and helping me reach within my very core.

Thank you so much Erika! 

H.T., Social Media Consultant

Erika's coaching and mentorship has supported me to tune into my inner GPS as I am transitioning from my corporative job to entrepreneurship. This big life change can trigger so much uncertainty and fear, however working with her has offered me a boost of confidence and faith. I feel that I now have a little roadmap to create the work I truly desire. THANKS Erika!


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