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Hi, I'm Erika

I am an ICF Coach, EMCC accredited Mentor and NLP Practitioner, specialising in Career and Leadership development.


My 2 decades of international corporate background holding different leadership roles, and working for a Nasdaq quoted company, is the strong foundation on which I built up my coaching and mentoring skills. 

In today’s world, making decisions requires awareness, courage and the willingness to be challenged.

My role is to empower leaders and professionals like you with the clarity, confidence and agility needed to foster innovation and performance while facing today’s complexity.


Together we will co-create your own unique Coaching Leadership style.



Manager - Fortune 100

"It has transformed the way I deal with my team, and I now have the tools and confidence to better prioritise resources. My team is now more motivated and less stressed."

Director - Tech industry

"I was facing a tough decision at work that would impact also on my private life and Erika helped me to understand what my priorities were, what made sense for my career, the business and my private life. I have found a renewed passion for my job, reached my objectives and achieved a great work-life balance."

Senior Director - Retail

"After a long period being unhappy at work I had a coaching session with Erika in only one session I got out many ideas to make my job more interesting playing on my strengths and focusing more on what I loved about the job."

Head of Key Accounts - Tech

"Erika is outstanding, she made me realise how to best use my strengths and my team strengths so that we all could work more strategically. This allowed me to focus on the long term vision and improved the cohesion and performance of my team."

C.E.O. DSK Legal

"Erika is a coach par excellence. I met her at a time when I was grappling with some dilemmas in my personal and professional life. She masterfully helped me navigate those and arrive at crucial decisions which would have otherwise remained pending. Her calm and composed persona, coupled with her knowledge of the corporate world, is invaluable. I highly recommend her as a life and business coach."

Director - Luxury Fashion

"I thought I didn't have empathy, but Erika helped me bringing it out. As a high achiever I wanted everybody to go as fast as me, but now I have learnt to see other people's perspectives and developed the patience needed to increase collaboration and become a better leader for my team and my organisation."

Guidance Manager

"Erika instinctively takes things at the right pace, knowing when to delve deeper, and when to take things at a slower rate and support; understanding what I was ready for and what needed more time. She has helped me process some ideas, reflecting back things I knew, but hadn’t really given much attention to. Erika is skilled at asking the right questions to instantly cut through the fog, explore the underlying issues to find clarity; she has helped me to explore what is important, what my excuses are, and I can now see the green shoots of future opportunities.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself through this process; it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged my thinking - but never uncomfortably so, and at the end of every session I found myself curious about what else I was going to find out next time. 

Erika is empathetic, compassionate and supportive.  She is empowering, and insightful, and I would highly recommend."

Director - Consultancy

"Erika helped me understand how to communicate more effectively with my manager, my team and my peers. She can dig right into the core of the problem and find your switch to turn things around. I never had coaching before and I was skeptical but I am actually impressed by how much I have managed to achieve."

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